How Does It Happen?

How does it happen?

Does It start innocently?

Does It stem from real fear,

some redeeming, altruistic tendency?

orĀ Is it a

Desire for power; like a rabid disease,

growing internally?

How does it happen?

How does it grow so rapidly?

Why didn’t we stand up

against this hellish atrocity?

Were we living in a bubble,

thinking no one could ever go this far

were we waiting for a hero

to banish the rise of the evil,

dictating cszar?

No one will rise up

if I don’t also stand.

If I don’t go out of my way to condemn

the uncomfortable things, the little signs

The commentary, at first somewhat benign

I must remind

Before they turn from a spark

to a full fledged flame;

Hatred simmers forever, if given the time.

I must not digress, I must resist.

I must speak, I must act, I must agitate –

I insist.

How does it happen,

6,000 dead?

It starts with the starvation

of one’s conscience,

it’s said.