When I was a girl
I was never proud
to try and act white
though at one time

everyone around me

thought it only right
if a girl like me won’t assimilate
she will be forced to face a fate
of settling for white trash
potheads or black
thugs who dress like rappers
that’s the problem with it
with those cloistered walls
those whites on the right side of
unneeded tracks

so problematic as it may be
I feel my blackness proudly
And I don’t feel I’m appropriating
I feel the culture has been more than
Accepting to me

The whites wanted me to be like them only
And my own people sold me for less than
A father would price his daughter’s dowry

So I embrace kindly
Who first embraces me
Isn’t it something

I feel my Blackness in this lonely world
yet I am a proud Korean born girl
I’m not confusing the love for the life
The embrace for the struggle
The looks like a hustle
I’m not ashamed of who I am
I’m not hiding me like Miss Dolezal
I am a Korean woman, yes.
But that’s not all.